Conference talks

Connecting regional dust storms to atmospheric traveling waves using the Mars Dust Activity Database (MDAD) 53rd AAS Division of Planetary Sciences meeting, Virtual, October 2021.
Titan’s Annular Modes of Climate Variability Compared to Mars and Earth. Titan Through Time 5, Boulder, CO August 2021.
Contrasting Convective Systems in the Extratropics of Earth and Titan. XIX Southeast Severe Storms Symposium, Virtual, March 2021

MSL Blog Posts

Blog posts from the MSL mission updates blog writing during 2017 by Battalio.

Sol 1645: Searching for dust devils

Sol 1653: Targeted science at Ogunquit Beach

Sols 1654-1656 MAHLI imaging of OG1 and remote sensing

Sol 1674: Slipping into a new plan

Sol 1680: Mesmerized by the Murray Formation

Sol 1681-1683: Kicking the Tires

Sol 1686: March to the Megaripples

Sols 1700-1701: Optical depth measurements

Sols 1707-1708: When Mars Gives You Lemons, Calibrate Your Instruments

Sol 1726: First Look at Vera Rubin Ridge

Sol 1736-1739: A Roving Astronomer

Sol 1748-1752: Kicking Up Some Sand

Sol 1780: Five (Earth) Years on Mars

Sol 1787: Less Driving, More Science

Sols 1811-1814: Mars of Many Colors

Sol 1830: We’ve got the power